10 Tips to Erase Double Chin

To remove your double chin  just use 1 (or 2 or 3) of ten tips below, and repeat 2-3 times a week. You will see your jawline and your double chin gone in few weeks. Those tips are also help tone up sagging skin on the neck, jawline.

1. Chewing unsweetened gum

This is one of the best tips to remove double chin and help tone up face muscles. Chewing an unsweetened gum is safe for someone is on a diet, and also exercises  the face muscles, you can do it few times a day to tone up the chin.

2. Vitamin E

Daily Vitamin E absorption helps reduce fat on your chin, and removes a double chin and it also increases the elasticity and healthy skin.  You can find vitamin E in most of green leaf vegetables, wheat germ oil, all products from milk, brown rice, barley, rye, beans, …

Try adding these foods as much as possible into your daily diet. Or you can take one capsule of vitamin E. It is better to consult your doctor first.

3. Cocoa butter

You can also massage you chin with cocoa butter.

How to do it:

Take a few tablespoons of cocoa butter, warm it in the microwave, use it warm (not hot) to massage the neck and chin area  as gently as possible. Take a few minutes massage every night before bed and repeated again in the morning before shower. When cocoa butter is used regularly, it will improve the elasticity, firmness of skin.

4. Wheat germ oil

Massage your neck with wheat germ oil everyday is also a best way to get rid of a double chin.

Wheat germ oil is full  of vitamin E oil, provide nutrients for the skin around the chin and at the same time it will also make the skin more toned.

Before bedtime, take 1 teaspoon of  wheat germ oil and gently rub on the chin area. Massage gently upward from the bottom of your neck to the chin about ten to fifteen minutes. Don’t rinse , keep the oil on your skin overnight. If you do it regularly, you will  see an improvement in few weeks.

5. Milk

Milk can also can be used to tighten the skin around the chin. You can use milk as a toner and dab it on your chin, massage it  for 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Another way, you can make a mask with milk and honey. Combine both ingredients, then rub it on the chin area and wait for ten minutes before rinsing off with warm water. This mask will make your skin smooth and moisturizing, helps reduce puffiness of  fat-chin. Do this mask once a day to get the result  faster and more efficiently.

6. Egg white

Egg white is also good for your skin and you can use it to get rid of double chin.

To make this mask, you need egg whites of two eggs, a tablespoon of milk, small amounts of peppermint oil, a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Place all ingredients in a bowl and whisk it all.

Now apply this mask on around the chin and neck area and dry for about half an hour.Then, rinse and gently pat your skin with warm water. Do this once a day to get the results more quickly.

7. Water melon

Water melon can help firm the skin and help reduce the problem of double chin. Use a cotton pad and apply fresh water melon juice on the skin around the chin and neck. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with water.

For better results, combine water melon juice with apple juice and then use it massage the skin around your jawline. And don’t forget to eat more water melon, because it content a huge amount of water, this will help eliminate toxins out of the body and also helps to lose weight.

8. Water

To lose weight and reduce the appearance of the double chin, you should drink plenty of water. Lack of water can cause extra weight to your face and double chin. So try to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water each day. This will help keep your body is filling with water and also helps release negative toxins from within your body.

9. Glycerin

You can also make masks with natural glycerin to reduce puffiness chin fat.

To make the mask, you will need a tablespoon of glycerin, half teaspoon salt and a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix all ingredients together and then with a cotton ball, apply directly on the neck and chin area.

Wait a few minutes for all of the nutrients absorbed into the skin. Then, rinse with cold water. Use this method 3-5 times a week to get extremely positive results.

10. Green tea

Drink green tea as well as a more effective way to burn chin fat. Green tea contains antioxidants and so many different components to help speed up metabolism and help burn calories. So, drink green tea instead of coffee. Let’s start the day with a cup of green tea you can drink a few cups throughout the day.

So, good luck. I hope that you can get rid of double chin and sagging skin.

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