Food Cure for Acne, Breakouts, Pimples + Zits

foods to cure acne - breakouts
We already talked about juices for acne and homemade mask for blemish skin, Pimple, blemish rescuer, those for applying, now we are talking about eat to cure for acne, breakouts, pimples and zits.

Chocolate and fries may be the pimple-causing foods urban legends are made of, but thankfully, they’re just that: urban legends. While little scientific support exists for the idea of “pimple-causing foods”, the fact is since your skin is your body largest organ (I think it’s worth repeating) and although there aren’t any foods that “cause” breakouts, there are certainly foods you can eat to help prevent breakouts from the inside out by supporting healthy, inflammation-free skin uninhibited by clogged pores.

Pores that are opened, clear, and oxygenated are inhabitable for pimple-causing bacteria. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, our skin doesn’t turn over (beauty-insider speak for exfoliate itself) as quickly as necessary to keep our pores clear. Think of it this way: Every day, we produce new skin cells and slough off old ones. Clogged pores occur when new cells appear but the ones are still hanging on for dear life. One solution is to manually exfoliate them away with apply recipes, but another solution is to eat a diet rich in vitamin A, which helps your body to exfoliate from the inside out. Also important for an anti-acne diet are anti-inflammatory foods, which help to ensure that even when a pore does get clogged.

Try these simple recipes that cure for acne, pimples, blemishes.

Asian Cabbage Slaw
Orange Sunshine Soup

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