Pimples & Blemish Rescuer

When you see pimples on your face, it hards to say “stop touching it”, isn’t it? Here are quick tips to calm the pimples, blemish down, and safe.
* The inside of the peel of banana is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness and inflammation of a pimple. Peel off a piece of banana peel and turn it inside out so the white, fleshy part is exposed. Rub the peel over inflamed skin, leaving a thin coating of residue. Let the residue dry completely before using a warm washcloth to remove.

* Dissolve salt in warm water and apply it to any pimples with a cotton swab to dry out excess oils.

* Apple cider vinegar’s high acidity makes it a bacteria-fighting blemish buster . Just saturate a cotton ball and spot treat a pimple. Yes, it’s simple.

* Yogurt contains lactic acid. You need a quick pimple fighting fix, apply a thin layer of full-fat yogurt to the area for 10 minutes to calm and unclog.

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