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As we get older, our skin both creates new cells and sheds the old ones more slowly. The result: a built-up layer of dead and dull skin cells sitting on the surface of your face, giving you the appearance of an ashy complexion.
Retinols and chemical peels are so effective in making our skin glow because in causing your body to shed those dead, dull skin cells, they reveal the youthful, new skin cells underneath. The side effects, however namely chapped, red skin that sheds like a snake – aren’t pretty. And why slather on chemicals (when it wasn’t do anything for your skin after few months tried) – when there are other natural options?
Thankfully, staying chemical free doesn’t mean you’re destined to have dull skin. Rather retinols get their power from vitamin A – the same vitamin A found in the produce aisle. And chemical peels are derived from acids – like lactic acid found in milk and citric acid found in fruits. So why not skip the chemicals and start to get your beauty products from the kitchen.

When it comes to revealing a more hydrated, luminous complexion, the key is two-fold. first is getting rid of the dead, dull skin cells concealing your skin’s true radiance. Second is applying moisturizing agents, which without prior exfoliating, merely sit on the surface of your skin, unable to penetrated.
Wwhile manual exfoliators (like those granular scrubs you buy at the drugstore) can get the job done, those rough beads often tear your skin at the cellular level, living you more prone to effects of aging later on. The secret is to first chemically loosen the dull skin cells before gently exfoliating them away – it’s why all of the apply recipes here require the recipe to first sit on your skin before scrubbing it away.


While sugar and salt scrubs are great for your body, they can be a bit too rough for your sensitive facial skin. that doesn’t mean that your face is destined to remain dull and drab though. With ground oats, this gentle mask calms as it exfoliates, while simultaneously moisturizing with avocado’s abundant fatty acids, so you can rest assured that your sensitive skin is exfoliated, not irritated.
You need:
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 avocado
2 tablespoons honey

In a good processor, grind oatmeal until sand-like. Transfer to a small bowl.
In the same food processor, puree avocado and honey until smooth.
Mix oats with avocado and honey until well combined.
Apply a thin layer to your face and neck and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes.
Cover your face with a warm wahshcloth for an additional 3 to 5 minutes to soften the mask and encourage the avocado oil to penetrate more deeply.
Use the washcloth to gently remove the mask, using a circular, upward motion.

Quick Tips

. Cut a red grape in half and rub the flat side in your skin. grapes contain glucose, which hydrates your skin, as well as anti-aging antioxidants.
. If you want to throw your moisturizer into high gear, mix a drop of raw honey into your cream before applying to help the hydrating benefits penetrate more deeply.

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